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Version 1.1.0 Version 1.0.0
  • The used CV file can be found here, the used mapping file containing the rules can be found here

  • A combined HTML representation of the mapping file and the CV can be found here.

2012-03-02: Updated unit.obo (not included in auto-update)
2011-05-31: Updated autoupdate (and fixed some hardlinks broken due to file-location and -name changes)
2011-05-16: Updated to version 1.1.0 2010-02-02: Fixed bug. No longer hangs on filenames with brackets (thanks to David Creasy)
2009-08-19: Updated autoupdate (googlecode direkt links seem to link to outdated files sometimes)
2009-08-17: Updated to version 1.0.0
2009-06-27: Added daily autoupdate (log of most recent update here)
2009-06-23: Updated to new CV and mapping file
2009-06-16: Updated to new CV
2009-06-11: Updated to new schema (mainly namespace issues)
The complete changelog can be found here